Our company Dobrudzhanski Oreh deals with the production and trade of walnuts.

We started our business in 1998 with modest capital and great desire.
We started by buying small quantities of whole walnuts. We have researched the market and in the next year we have expanded our business by hiring lands with walnut trees and participating in the whole process: from fetal conservation, picking, drying and storage to selling. The job was seasonal.

A few years later we added additional services – breaking the walnuts, processing the nuts, preparing them, packing them and starting to work for the internal market. We were supplying confectionaries and different shops on the local market. The work was all year round.
We built a base, hired workers, bought machines for walnut breaking, drying, for walnut oil extracting, cleaning line, and others.
We also approached the foreign market. The company Dobrudzhanski Oreh have exported until now whole walnuts and nuts to Greece, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.
We have been studying this business for 18 years now and we are developing.